Travel Information

The Okinawa Convention Center can be easily accessed from Naha Airport.

There are regular flights from major japanese airports such as the Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport to Naha Airport. In addition, there are direct international flights from Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and other cities to Naha Airport.

Visa information

Nationals from 67 countries can enter Japan without visa. A detailed list of these countries can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage. Beaware that for some countries, there are some conditions on the type of passports to enter Japan without visa. For details please check carefully the comments on the webpage.

Nationals from countries not mentioned in the list must apply for a visa before entering Japan. For information about the visa application, please refer to the following webpage. We provide support for providing invitation letters to apply for visa. Note that a ¥10,000 (JPY) application service charge is required for each applicant, and payment must be made by credit card only.

Access from the airport

The venue is located about 13km from Naha Airport. A taxi between Naha Airport and conference venue costs approximately $30 and takes about 40 minutes. The venue can also be accessed by bus or monorail.

Arriving by Limousine bus:

The Laguna Garden Hotel/Okinawa Convention Center are easily accessible by Airport Limousine Bus. The journey takes approximately 55 minutes and costs 600 JPY. You can purchase bus tickets at the airport before getting on the bus.

This limousine line does not stop at the convention center. Please get off at Laguna Garden Hotel bus stop and walk to the center for 7 minutes.

Time table for the Limousine bus is available here.

Arriving by taxi

Taxi rides from Naha Airport to Okinawa convention center take approximately 40 minutes (14 kilometers) and cost on average 3,500 JPY.

Other access information

Detailed access information can be found below,

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